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James Levisee

James Levisee, Founder itJames.com
I have a wide variety of IT experience and knowledge spanning over 20 years. I'm a quick thinker and an expert troubleshooter. I have worked for fortune 500 companies who demanded fast production and cutting edge creativity. I'm passionate about what I do! I'm driven to make all my clients happy.

What I do

  • IT Services (20yrs experience)
  • Social Media Page Design (10yrs experience)
  • Web Design / Development (16yrs experience)
  • Corporate Identity Branding (20yrs experience)
  • Print Material Graphic Design (20yrs experience)
  • SEO, Search Engine Optimization (10yrs experience)

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My Skills

PrintDesign / Web Design

  • Full Corporate Identity
  • Business Cards, Stationery
  • Logos, Social Media Pages
  • Posters, Banners, Billboards
  • Flyers, Brochures, Letterheads
  • Illustration, Photoshop, Retouching

IT Services

  • Office Printers, Peripherals
  • Cloud Migration, Management
  • Server Installation, Management
  • Trouble Shooting, Internet Access
  • Email, Communications, Software
  • Business Networks, Computer Systems

SEO / Online Marketing

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Rank Reporting, Rank Tracking
  • Pay-Per-Click Ad Management
  • Organic Search Engine Marketing

Web Development

  • Excellent in CSS/LESS
  • HTML5, PHP, MySql Skills
  • Basic JavaScript Knowledge
  • E-Commerce, Shopping Cart
  • Online Credit Card Processing
  • Data Collection, Forms, Surveys
itjames.com web design, logo design and IT Services!


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