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Hope & Compassion desired brochures that would complement their website and business cards. A honeycomb design element was used to bring unity between design media. Colors and fonts were further used to tie everything in. These brochures were an instant hit. Their brand is now easily recognizable.

Hope & Compassion Ministries


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February 2017

Custom Logo Design

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A Company's logo is an important part of its identity. Everything is important when considering a company logo. What fonts, colors, lines and symbols should be used? These are questions you want to ask yourself. The idea is that your logo is memorable to those who see it. It may not mean much when they first see it but when they see it again on a website or social media they will associate it as a brand they trust.
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Have you ever seen a business card that really stuck out? Do you remember why it stuck with you? Chance are it was a combination of things. The combination of fonts, colors and the layout play a big part. There is another important element that can't be missed, but often times is. Today's printing technology is amazing. You can have foil, raised gloss and spot gloss effects as well as any number of colors you like. All these features are very affordable and will get you the extra attention you need to stay stick out!
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Dynamic Web Experience.

Web Technology has drastically advanced over the last 5 years. With the innovation of tablets and mobile devices, most people explore the Internet differently then a few years ago.

For a website to be effective, it must be compatible on all types of devices and browsers. Even browsers and computers have advanced an incredible amount recently. This means if you had a website built 5 or more years ago, chances are it is no longer compatible with most devices and browsers. Ever wonder why your website isn't ranking well in the search engines? A new design could help considerable! web design, logo design and IT Services!


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